Ergonomic Palm Grip Handle

for comfort

Traditional T Grip Handle

The Dragonfly 2 are top end quality Carbon Fibre Paddles manufactured to the specifications of IDBF 202a.  All paddles bear the certification from IDBF certificate number 3045, essential for competition. 

The Dragonfly 2 has simple look of elegance with beautiful matte black finish with no joins except at the handle.  It is a genuine one-piece 100% “full carbon fibre” construction of pure quality at no compromise to maximise your performance on the water.  It’s a combination of good design and functionality.

Weighing in at 400g, the Dragonfly 2 has a unique blade profile with maximum concavity approved by IDBF.  It achieves the ultimate balance between lightness, strength, rigidity and robustness in a paddle to withstand the rigour of the sport.

With an elliptical ergonomic tear shape shaft it gives you a most firm and comfortable grip and the added advantage of directional guidance.  The  most outstanding feature of the Dragonfly 2 paddle is it’s rigidity in construction as the result of  a superior manufacturing process that achieves maximum stiffness in the blade that draws the optimal amount of water in your strokes.  It gives you a firm and positive paddling action, and being free of any “flexing”, it maximises the power of your paddling strokes producing the most efficient transfer of energy from your arms to the blade.  This is the paddle for the serious paddler who wants top performance with no compromise.

To Flex or not to Flex, that is the question!

Dragon Boat Racing is a competitive sport.  It requires fitness, stamina and good technique.  A quality paddle with light weight, stiffness and good balance will enhance your performance and deliver superior results.

A paddle that flexes will soften your strokes and compromise your paddling power and waste your valuable energy.  If you are concerned with injury during paddling, you must consult your medical professionals to seek proper medical advice and discuss it with your team coach to evaluate your technique to minimise injury.  Using a soft paddle will not deliver the best performance you can give to your team.

We offer the choice of three handle options, the traditional T grip handle that gives you the control of twist in your paddle, the ergonomic palm shape handle for comfort in the grasp to maximise the push in the water and the new D grip for tight grip comfort.

All Typhoon8 paddles come in standard length from 46” to 51”.   However we could custom cut it to your specified length. 

Dragonfly II DF2

Carbon Fibre Paddle for the Elite Paddler

$385.00 ea.

Revolutionary ergonomic elliptical tear shape shaft provides directional guidance to your strokes.

The New D Grip Handle

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The New D Grip Handle