Typhoon8 Australia is a small family business founded by Daniel Kong.  It started as a sports interest at a humble beginning at a Newcastle regatta on 17th January 2004.  It has since developed into a small florishing business managed by Daniel’s parents Fred and Amy.  They are a retired couple both with long careers with Fred in Mental Health Services and Amy in fashion & giftware industries.

In collaboration with Lister, Daniel introduced the Typhoon8 Dragon Boat products into Australia.  It was met with enthusiastic reception from the Australian Dragon Boat community and the quality products of Typhoon8 struck a high accord with the Australian Dragon Boat paddlers.

Daniel travelled around Australia promoting Typhoon8 products and he attended all major regattas in Sydney and other states.  In appreciation of this level of support, Daniel accepted nomination to act as Finance Director of Dragon Boats NSW Inc in August 2007. He was the former President and a Life Member of the Sydney based ACCA Dragon Boat Club.

Daniel is a Chartered Accountant by profession and  has a career as a Finance Director of an age care service in Australia.

Daniel became involved in Dragon Boating when he was working in Hong Kong on secondment from the PricewaterhouseCoopers Sydney office in 1997. Daniel became involved in PwC’s Dragon Boat crew during his secondment and was immediately attracted by the tremendous physical and technical aspects of paddling.  Daniel paddled with PwC for a few years before joining the competitive University of British Columbia Alumni Dragon Boat crew. 

Daniel met Lister Woo, founder of Typhoon8 International in 2003 during the Hong Kong Action Asia Challenge Adventure race that involves swimming, abseiling, running, and mountain biking. When Daniel left Hong Kong in July 2003 he took with him a Typhoon8 wooden paddle to continue Dragon Boat racing in Sydney Australia.

Daniel & family

Daniel served on the Board of Dragon Boats NSW Inc. for over 8 years, and was President until August 2012. With the arrival of his second daughter, Alexa he finally handed over the Typhoon8 business to his parents Fred & Amy to manage, just in time upon their retirement.

We endeavour to attend all major regattas around Australia whenever possible.

We are committed in bringing our products & service to you

to enhance your enjoyment in the sport.

Fred & Amy


Newcastle Regatta January 2004

Typhoon8’s Mascot Ziggy keeping guard

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